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Dental Implants in Walnut Creek, CA

Multiple Teeth Replacement in Walnut Creek, CA

Restore Missing Teeth With Long-Term Solutions

While many people will end up missing an adult tooth at some point in life, it is not uncommon to have several missing or damaged teeth. Dr. Nestor Karas at Muir Oral, Facial, & Dental Implant Surgery offers many implant-based restorative treatments to help patients with a variety of dental needs achieve healthy and complete smiles.

Implant-based tooth restoration has become available to more patients thanks to bone grafts, mini dental implants, and other treatments. Contact us in Walnut Creek, CA, today to schedule your appointment with our board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon and start your journey to a healthier smile.

Options for Replacing Multiple Missing Teeth

When you have several missing, damaged, or failing teeth, there are many options to consider for multiple tooth replacement. Dr. Karas closely evaluates your specific needs and will help determine the right treatment plan for you.

  • Implant-Supported Bridge. Traditional dental bridges rely on adjacent teeth for support. This typically involves shaving down the natural teeth on either side of a gap to fit the bridge. When a dental implant supports the bridge, your natural teeth are protected and the jaw bone receives the needed stimulation.
  • Multiple Dental Implants. As long as your jaw bone is healthy enough to support them, you can receive a dental implant anywhere in your mouth to replace missing teeth. This includes front teeth, canines, and molars.
  • Full-Arch Restoration. Those missing most or all of their teeth turn to full-arch restoration. This treatment secures a fixed denture in one or both arches using dental implants, providing all the benefits of implants and a brand new, fully functioning smile. You will walk into our office with your current teeth and leave the same day with a complete, natural-looking smile.
  • Fixed Bridge. A fixed bridge cosmetically restores your smile, but there are no parts fusing with the jaw bone underneath to prevent bone loss. A dental bridge relies on nearby teeth for support, requiring them to be reshaped to fit the bridge. You must take special care to clean around the bridge, as it can trap food and debris.
  • Removable Partial Denture. This method cosmetically restores multiple teeth that are missing beside each other using clasps on adjacent teeth that hold the denture in place. You must remove your partial at night to clean it, and while it allows you to eat food with somewhat full functionality, there is no stimulation beneath the gums to prevent bone loss.
  • No Replacement. If you leave missing teeth untreated, even a single tooth, the jaw bone becomes susceptible to bone loss. Tooth roots stimulate the bone during chewing, and without this stimulation, the jaw bone will atrophy over time. Implant restorations are the only tooth replacement solutions that prevent jaw bone loss. No replacement can lead to dental shifting, tooth decay, and gum disease.

Full-Arch Restoration

One of the most life-changing oral surgery procedures, full-arch restoration changes the way you eat and improves your self-confidence in one surgical visit. This treatment involves your oral surgeon extracting any remaining teeth in the dental arch and placing as few as four dental implant posts. Your surgeon will attach a temporary denture to the implant posts to wear while the posts heal. In the meantime, a restorative dentist creates the final, custom-made prosthesis, and will place it after you have healed.

Full-arch restoration gives you back the freedom to enjoy your favorite foods without having to worry about moving parts or cumbersome dentures. The fixed dentures remain in at all times, unlike traditional dentures which come out during eating and cleaning. You care for your new teeth just like a set of natural teeth with regular brushing, flossing, and dental exams. Because the prosthesis is secured with dental implant posts, your jaw bone health is protected, unlike removable dentures that do not fuse below the surface.

If you have suffered from missing many or all of your teeth, Dr. Nestor Karas in Walnut, Creek, California, can help. Contact our office today for your consultation, and we will determine the healthiest, most effective way to restore your smile's function and, more importantly, your confidence.

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