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3D imaging in Walnut Creek, CA

More Predictable Patient Outcomes

3D imaging technology produces digital scans of your mouth and face that are able to be viewed by virtually any angle. Muir Oral, Facial, & Dental Implant Surgery in Walnut Creek, CA, utilizes this advanced equipment to accurately diagnose problems, monitor progress throughout treatment, and create predictable outcomes.

These images can help Dr. Karas and his staff detect tumors or masses, locate nerves, examine bone structure and function, and provide more precision for dental implant placement.

Benefits of 3D Scanning

Dr. Karas designs a treatment plan as unique as you are. Every case is different, and we make sure to have all the information and images we need to provide an accurate diagnosis and plan your treatment with no surprises. With 3D scanning, we:

  • Reduce patient exposure to radiation compared to traditional X-rays
  • Complete a scan in seconds
  • Improve treatment planning
  • Create images that are viewable instantly
  • Accurately diagnose problems
  • Detect facial nerves to avoid during surgery
  • Produce more predictable patient outcomes

When you or your loved ones are in need of oral surgery, visit the experts at Muir Oral, Facial, & Dental Implant Surgery. Dr. Karas is both an oral surgeon and physician, and our team strives to improve your oral health in the most enjoyable and comfortable way possible. Contact our office in Walnut Creek, CA, today to schedule an appointment.

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