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Meet Dr. Cynthia Stephenson

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Dr. Stephenson respects that Dr. Karas is a surgeon and medical doctor. She trusts him to take great care of her patients and even brought her own kids here for wisdom teeth removal.

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Dr. Cynthia Stephenson's Story

"I really feel like Dr. Karas and I give our patients the best as far as function, surgical outcome, and aesthetic results. His meticulous nature and his attention to detail has been outstanding. This office is immaculate, and it's really the utmost in safety, and I feel confident with my patients coming here. I know they're going to be well-cared for, and I know that their safety is going to be looked after. Both my kids have come here for wisdom teeth and they've done beautifully. I really respect and appreciate the fact that Dr. Karas is an MD. He's up-to-date with all the latest techniques, and he's really committed to what he does, and he really is committed to being the best he can be, and it shows in his care. I will continue to refer my patients to Dr. Karas."

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